The Sky’s the limit. Insurance working for you


February 27, 2017

The Sky’s the Limit – an idiom meaning – there is no upper limit. You can afford it. You can do anything you set your mind to.
PSST!! What if we told you that you were missing out on something truly spectacular? You’d want to know, wouldn’t you?
What if we told you that we knew something that would be revolutionary and would greatly assist you in making your business, risk and insurance more manageable?
What if we told you that for some insurance policies, such as professional indemnity, employment practices, directors’ and officers’ liability, nearly 100% of claims are declined at first instance? Many stay at just that without the intervention of an insurance claims specialist.
If this happened to you, you would want to know why and how to adopt practices in your business to reduce your chances of this occurring, wouldn’t you…?
If you think this kind of assistance would be of value to you or your business, then read on…
Why use SR Insurance Consulting?
Many individuals and businesses are unaware until it is too late of the traps in an insurance policy and where cover can be declined by an insurer. We offer support in tailoring services to your business to ensure you have the required systems in place, so your insurance does work for you when you need it most.
Many individuals and businesses do not get a second chance if the required systems are not in place, and, this can prove fatal for an individual and/or business that may seek to rely on an insurance policy.
We offer preventative services to ensure your business is risk ready.
Prevention is best as a starting point and before you have a claim; however, we offer technical support with an insurance claim to give you the best possible chance for cover, when you need it.
We are flexible and can tailor a fee structure or package to suit the services you require and your budget, whether you are an individual or a business, large or small. Please ask us today about a structured package tailored to suit your individual requirements.
You deserve the best service for your business from a business that helps you like a local; yet, with a global understanding of insurance and risk analytics.
We understand the demands of operating your business come first. That’s why we are happy to meet at a time convenient to you. We can come to you, so we can meet you and truly understand your business needs. We are ready when you are.
Prior to commencing SR Insurance Consulting, Founder and Principal, Sarah Robinson, was a senior associate of a leading national law firm in insurance law, a law firm partner; and, an in-house legal and claims specialist for a global multi-national company in the insurance sector, specializing in insurance, claims resolution and risk advisory services worldwide.
Whether your business operates at a local, state, national or global level, SR Insurance Consulting has the skills you need for your business to enable your business to prosper and grow.
The sky is the limit and we have the skills to help you reach your full potential.
SR Insurance Consulting provides tailored insurance services to suit individual requirements; including to, small and large sized businesses and small to medium sized insurance brokers in claims resolution and risk advisory services.
Consulting and Business Solutions include, assistance with premium savings, risk resolution strategies, insurance advice, fit for purpose cover, claims preparation and analytics.
Look at our website at to contact us.
So, as you can see, you are truly missing out if you do not contact us today about our services and how we can assist your business…