#Albury #Wodonga – Please stay in the #CBD- nothing is happening here – yes, really…


May 25, 2017

Ok, I admit to using some reverse psychology to get your attention – and likely, I now have it!

So, I know some people are often amused to hear people wax lyrical about how fantastic something is – well, why is it so fantastic? – would I find it fantastic? Well, I mean would I?

Having lived in a CBD all my life, well, until now – traveling on holidays to lovely, relaxing destinations, I always pondered the option of – could I live here? Well, I’d love to, but what would I do? – I mean come on, I am a professional, have a career, what would I do for work? – Economics 101 etc…you know pay for those boring adult things like, bills, mortgages, groceries etc…

Don’t get me wrong CBD friends and colleagues, I loved living in a CBD, I have great friends, family, professional colleagues who still live there. I visit there from time-to-time. I went to school there, completed university for two degrees and built a professional career there; so there are some fond memories and many things to be grateful for.

Having moved to a regional area though, I have to confess to some light bulb moments.

Being involved in the Regional Business Chamber in NSW/VIC and being approached to write articles on this very topic – CBD and regional living, this article is something that has been building for a while – well 20 months to be exact! 20 months since I re-located with a family and career to a regional area.

Looking back to the CBD, how could I have loved that really? Loved being crammed next to everybody, catching a train each morning that resembled more of a sardine tin to the CBD (because that’s where everybody goes in the morning); or, sitting in 20-30 minutes of traffic to drive children to school that is 2km away from my house? Then getting on said train. Then repeating that process Monday to Friday each week, 52 weeks of the year, or thereabouts. I now shudder at the thought of it. So much time wasted for us all to get into one location each morning – a CBD. It is almost comical now thinking of how crazy it is – but millions of people are doing this everyday in Australia – and, they are not laughing. We just accept this as normal, expected behaviour.

Call me crazy, but I just couldn’t go back to this now.

So now, after my light bulb moment, I am putting this out to my network, if you are a professional person; (however, also confess to being a dreamer like me) – dreaming of a better lifestyle, an escape from CBD living, have pondered living in the country, a regional area, but don’t think you could possibly pull it off? Private message me on LinkedIn for a discussion (confidential), or email me at srobinson@srinsuranceconsulting.com.au. It is possible to do this and walk away smiling! I’d love to help my network do the same.

Also, check out the below link on Sky News of the many reasons why this region is so fabulous.


Also, sorry to those who would like to keep this area under the radar – #thereisnothinghappeninghere

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