Retail and Leasing

For many people insurance is a difficult area to navigate and this also applies to property and/or leasing, together with their insurance provisions.

SR Insurance Consulting assists clients with consideration of leases, as applied to claims circumstances and/or a dispute between parties, together with insurance processes for claims resolution.

Retail and Leasing assistance can be provided in the following areas, (but not limited to):

  • Landlord assistance with loss response, such as fire, theft, water damage, other damage to property, contents and/or tenancy damage;
  • Third party damage to property, such as by a tenant; and/or a loss alleged by a third party, whether by actions and/or negligent conduct, such as a customer slips in a spill, or there is damage to a surface, such as a pot hole or crack;
  • Assistance with insurance and/or leasing terminology in an insurance policy;
  • Business interruption.