Our Services

Claims are fast paced and can at times be complicated.

SR Insurance Consulting is designed to meet the needs of businesses in the following ways:

  • Risk Management Identifying preventative steps in your business, such as quarterly sweeps for claims notifications, explaining insurance terminology and coverage tailored to your business, reviewing policies and explaining when notifications are required for “reports” to insurers.
  • Navigate the claims process (including, but not limited to – a review of the relevant claims scenario; insurance policies that may be triggered by such an event; claims preparation and presentation to the insurer; assistance with liaising with the insurer and analysing a claims coverage response and resolution of the claim).
  • Insurance coverage We have experience in reviewing coverage determinations for insurance claims. Is an event likely to be covered by a policy? Has a claim been declined by an insurer and is there a requirement for a review of the decision?
  • Insurance Claims Consulting Tailored to businesses, brokers, insurers and insurance industry providers, as follows:
    • Brokers - Not every broker can offer their clients access to lawyers, who are also trained insurance claims advocates, with experience in resolving complex and technical insurance claims disputes. This is often something that is only offered by the large global multi-national insurance providers. We can provide access to technical claims support when it is needed.

    • Businesses and/or Individuals - Not every business can justify the cost of an insurance lawyer and/or claims professional as part of their staff. We can provide claims consulting services as required by your business, as follows:

      • Assistance with all aspects of claims resolution support, including claims preparation, analytics, claims determination and resolution;
      • Assistance with insurance industry terminology, understanding insurance and claims requirements;
      • Access to our network of support with tailored insurance and/or risk management solutions for your business.

    • Insurers - Assistance with an independent claims coverage review for a business and/or individual.

  • Mentoring and Coaching - We can assist with development of claims and insurance staff in your business and work with specialist training facilities for the training of your staff.

  • Advice and Business Support - Utilising our extensive knowledge in the industry, we can connect you with support and advisory solutions to assist your business; whether that is broking, forensic, investigative and/or training support, where that network offering is tailored to your individual business needs.

PLEASE NOTE – SR Insurance Consulting does not provide financial services advice (including the placement of insurance related products); accordingly, our activities do not require the relevant regulations at law; however, we do provide access to skills and experience that may assist your business in that field.