Commercial Litigation Disputes

Normally, Commercial Disputes, either litigated (at the Court stage), or not litigated, involve two or more companies who are in a dispute over any issue that has reached the stage where a claim and/or legal relief is sought; either in the form of a threat of, or actual claim action, which is sought by one or more parties against another party involved.

Disputes can arise between a company and an individual rather than two corporations.

Examples where businesses engage in commercial disputes can include, but are not limited to, contractual disputes, employment disputes, landlord and tenancy disagreements, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and debt management. The common theme of commercial disputes is money or property, whether that property is tangible or intangible.

Commercial disputes can be complex and if litigation has or will soon be commenced, requires the assistance of specialist lawyers.

SR Insurance Consulting assists clients with navigating a complex dispute in a timely manner, identifying key issues to assist with early identification, claims resolution and insurance processes to enable agreements to be reached between the parties, if possible and before litigation (court action) is commenced; which can be costly and cause delays in the resolution of the matter in dispute.

Ahead of litigation and where the parties are not capable of reaching an amicable resolution, a mediation and/or arbitration is a forum in which the parties may be able to reach resolution and without the need to involve a court.